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E-commerce websites have become increasingly popular over the past few years, following the advent of build-it-yourself platforms such as Shopify and Squarespace. But while the e-commerce space has become saturated and more competitive, it presents endless opportunities for big and small businesses alike.

This only means that e-commerce sites need SEO for them to be found online and rank for specific keywords. Organic SEO efforts alone can generate a chunk of traffic to your website; and we all know how valuable ranking on the first pages of search engines is for businesses.

E-commerce websites have so much SEO potential because of the number of products they offer. If you sell over a hundred products, imagine how much content you can optimise to boost individual pages in your website.

We use SEO techniques specifically designed for e-commerce, including optimising product descriptions, URLs, custom photos and videos, metadata, and all different content variations to increase your chances of ranking in Google.

SEO is even more relevant if you are planning to introduce new and seasonal products to your customers. Our team will get your products to rank even before they are up for grabs, by giving signals to search engines in the form of additional promotions, such as guest blogs, press releases, white papers, and so on.

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